So far in 2015, we have written on the ESG and Impact investment world beginning with the quandary that it presents given its sheer magnitude. It used to be the bottom line but now there is a focus with some firms, a triple bottom line which goes beyond the traditional metrics used in financial analysis.

The landscape is changing drastically as companies are now forming “b” corporations that have a broader mandate that includes an analysis of the impact they have on the environment for one. We have written on this in a prior piece and believe that the number of these companies will grow in number and importance.

In addition, investor options are expanding in the open and closed end space such as with funds who own little or no fossil fuel companies. Firms and individuals can partly or totally divest from those areas they do not believe helps the long run health of the nation. Or the world for that matter as micro lending to sustainable farmers in third world countries is growing as well.

It is a changing world and the investment opportunities should reflect. We are glad that it is and welcome your thoughts on the ESG/Impact investment theme.


Tom Koehler-CIO